Throwback DC3 post: 

New York, July 30, 2005 – The afternoon of the Madison Square Garden stop on their farewell tour, the ladies of Destiny’s Child stopped into the New York City Ronald McDonald House and mingled with about 100 seriously ill children and their families. The kids were thrilled, they literally screamed as the three women entered the dining room, where people were seated around tables, decorating cookies.

BeyonceKelly Rowland and Michelle Williams came in, sat down together at one of the tables, and joined in the gooey fun, greeting the kids and their parents. The D.C. ladies then worked their way around the room, stopping at all the tables and interacting with the kids.

Afterward, when the superstars had a short chat with reporters, we noticed that Kelly and Michelle did most of the talking from the start. When Beyonce finally made a statement, she said, “Being a part of this is so overwhelming. We’re so honored to be here, to be around all these kids”. She then confessed that she waited a few minutes before speaking in order to compose herself, because she was choked up after spending time with the sick children. In fact, we could see tears glittering in her eyes as she spoke.

Beyonce did say that even though the three are going their separate ways, they’ll still do projects together. “We’re best friends and sisters. We’re going to be in each other’s lives, and I’m sure we’ll do other things together.”

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