Yeah, people do feel like she’s a “lessor”. That’s their opinion. They’ll probably continue to think so. Whether, I posted this series or not, they’d still feel the way they do. Sometimes, there is nothing you can do to make someone like you. There will always be people who don’t like her and anything she does or anything related to her. :o  vomitpoisoneatdiomonds:
Girl! LOL! Yes! Then again, it’s funny that 1 post caused such an uproar. I have like 3 more things in mind that may get the same response. I’m gonna work on that this weekend and see what people are going to say about a few pics & gifs I’m going to post. LMAO! It’s going to be madness! :)) I can just see what will be said.  vomitpoisoneatdiomonds:
unexpectedmichelle: told me weeks ago that there would be shade thrown at the look-a-like series. Dead! She was right! I understand people not agreeing, but you don’t have to be negative. Not really surprised though, because Michelle always gets negativity thrown at her…
IM ALWAYS RIGHT lmao  gwel i warned you….maybe youll listen to me next time lololol
people already feel like Michelle is a lessor…doing that just made them think even less of her to be honest. 

Unexpected Michelle: Drama! Shade! For what?!


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