Girl! LOL! Yes! Then again, it’s funny that 1 post caused such an uproar. I have like 3 more things in mind that may get the same response. I’m gonna work on that this weekend and see what people are going to say about a few pics & gifs I’m going to post. LMAO! It’s going to be madness! :)) I can just see what will be said.  vomitpoisoneatdiomonds:
unexpectedmichelle: told me weeks ago that there would be shade thrown at the look-a-like series. Dead! She was right! I understand people not agreeing, but you don’t have to be negative. Not really surprised though, because Michelle always gets negativity thrown at her…
IM ALWAYS RIGHT lmao  gwel i warned you….maybe youll listen to me next time lololol 

Unexpected Michelle: Drama! Shade! For what?!


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