As a member of one of the best-selling girl groups of all time, Destiny’s Child, who better to chat to about The X Factor and K-Row than Michelle Williams?

We caught up with the stunning soul sensation backstage and she exclusively told us what she makes of Kelly’s X Factor stint and Beyonce’s pregnancy, as well as offering some pearls of wisdom to our Finalists.

How are you finding London?
I love London! This is the twelfth year in a row I’ve visited the UK and there was no way I was going to miss Kelly on The X Factor.

Do you rate Kelly’s judging skills?
She’s sooo good. She’s amazing at giving constructive criticism, she’ll say to the Finalists, ‘I didn’t like this but I loved that.’ She’s not one for shattering people’s dreams. She’s also gorgeous inside and out and has the most beautiful legs in the business.

What advice would you give to girl group Little Mix?
You gotta remain tight as a unit and tackle problems internally should they arise. If someone in a group is bothering you, go to them directly and don’t bicker about them behind their back.

Did you ever argue in Destiny’s Child?
No. In Destiny’s Child, we fought to inspire women not to be bitchy. In fact, Beyonce, Kelly and I never had one argument. I’d defy anyone to fall out with Kelly, she is bubbliness personified.

How’s Beyonce doing?
Ah, we chat lots. She’s absolutely glowing, really excited about the baby and is very proud of Kelly.

Advice for this year’s Finalists?
I’d ask them not to be too hard on themselves, they’re young and still growing. I must say too that I really thought Misha B gave a powerhouse performance over the weekend.

Do you rate Amelia?
I do and I really felt for Kelly when she had to eliminate Amelia, it was so hard for her. It’s great to see Amelia back in the running.

We must ask, fave ever Destiny’s Child song?
It would have to be Free, we never released it as a single but it’s on our album Destiny Fulfilled. It’s very heartfelt.

Can you tell us more about your uh-mazing new single?
It’s called On The Run. It’s a great party track and we shot the video in Ibiza. I must go back for a girl’s holiday – it was so much fun.

And finally, any other tips for our Finalists?
I’d recommend that they practice all the time. Also, try not to drink too much and don’t smoke – it really messes with your voice. And always practice in front of an audience that will give you honest feedback and not just tell you what you want to hear.

You can check out Michelle’s scorching hot video for On the Run at


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