Check out old blog entries from Michelle back in 2002. I could be wrong, but I believe this was really her blog, just from reading some of the entries. Here’s a couple of entries I liked. 


12:29 pm – TexasHi! Today was a good day. I spent some time with my girl Kelly and Solange at the recording studio. They were recording for Kelly’s cd, which is out september 24th! It sounds great and that lil mastermind solange is writing the lyrics! aint that cute. Later tonight i am going back to houston and then out to dinner with Miss Tina and Mr. Knowles. Beyonce still has work back in NYC but she will be back home soon! that lil work-a-holic! haha. Well, i’m going to go pack for the plane right now. Bye til later! 

current mood:  energetic
current music: Kelly and Nelly- Dillema

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Friday, July 26th, 2002

9:53 pm – TodayHey! Today Beyonce was back in NYC at the Early show. She did great. I wish I was there, but I stayed back with Angie, Mathew and Tina. Right now I am just chillin out, hangin around the house. It was very hot today in Houston, so I was just coolin off in The Knowles’s beautiful pool! Then, this afternoon, Miss Tina and I went out shopping and she did my hair at her salon. It was really nice of her. She’s like my second momma! I feel so lonely here though, without my girls with me. I might go back home in Rockford for a little bit. I really miss my family. Well,i’m going to go take a bath, bye!

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Monday, July 29th, 2002

7:37 pmHi again! Astro World was great. Me and Angie were the only ones who went on the rollercoasters,while beyonce got bombarded by fans, waiting for us! haha. She never gives up signing an autograph or taking a picture for a fan. Aint that sweet?! We just got back, and I took a nice bubble bath<-always soothing after a day of excitement! haha.Tonight Beyonce is leaving to go back to NYC to do the early show tomorrow morning. The poor girl, she needs a break, longer than 2 days! But she does have one starting thursday! 19 days, thats awesome. I don’t know what she’s gonnna do with all that free time! Well, I think I’m going out later, I don’t know where yet, but i’ll write later.bye!

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10:35 am – clubbinHi everyone! 
I just woke up from a long sleep. Last night, me and Bee went clubbing around downtown Houston.It was a lot of fun!!! We saw a lot of other celebrities at one club, like Lil Kim and Jermaine Dupri. I even saw Lance from Nsync….agaiN!…and we had fun dancing. It was nice going out on the town and not being stopped all the time for autographs and pictures. Sure, of course we love our fans so much, but we are normal people too. We disguised ourselves pretty well, haha. Well, Miss Tina is cooking us breakfast right now, it smells delicious like always! I gotta go get Beyonce up, she’s always a late sleeper, hah. Oh, and we heard from Kelly and Solange last night and they said they were coming in for about all next week, so that will be fun. Later today Me, Beyonce and Angie are going to Astro World! I cant wait!!!! okay,bye for now! 

current mood: awake
current music: Ordinary Day-Vanessa Carlton

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Sunday, July 28th, 2002

10:53 am – back home!Hi everyone!
yesterday I got back to Houston, and beyonce catched a flight a little while after because she had some things to catch up on. We all decided to eat at home, since we don’t know when the last time that was! And Miss Tina made us some good southern cookin! Fried chicken,cornbread,collard greens,mashed potatoes-all my favorites! It was great. Kelly and Solange are still in NYC recording and producing Kelly’s album, but they are coming home for a break next week. Right now we are just chillin out. Beyonce is catching up on a lot of wanted rest and I am just surfin the net. The house still feels empty without Kelly and Solange here!! It’s weird not hearin silinky blast her loud rock music and Kelly runnin around like a crazy woman..haha. I think tomorrow me and Beyonce and her cousin(and our assistant) Angie are going to Astro World, here in Houston. It should be fun,but beyonce promises no more rollercoasters for her,ever since the one got stuck! hah. Well, we are going to church now, here at St.Paul’s United Methodist, so I will write more later:)Bye! 

current mood:  anxious
current music: Upside Down-Diana Ross

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Saturday, July 27th, 2002

11:35 amHi everyone! well, we just arrived in Detroit for another date in Luther’s tour. I have some interviews to get done around 5, then i go onstage at 7. I’m so disspointed that I am going to miss my girl Kelly and Nelly’s performance at the Lady of Soul awards tonight, but I’ll make it through. I can’t believe that tomorrow will mark the 1 year anniversary of Aaliyah’s death. I remember when she died, we were all in shock and sadness. Me, beyonce and Kelly dedicated “emotion” to her at the soul train awards last year. Everyone misses her so much. The strange part is how some people say me and her look alike. What a complement! Aaliyah was so very beautiful, so was her voice and her music. But for now she is resting in a better place,so RIP Baby girl!!! I ought to get going now, We are all going out for lunch, and then me and angie stone are going shopping. Bye for now! 

current mood:  grateful
current music: Journey to the Past-Aaliyah

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Thursday, August 22nd, 2002


Wish she’d done more entries. However, her label probably put a stop to this real soon. She shared some cool details back then. Can’t believe I never found this until now. Cool, though! 

To read more entries of what Michelle was up to in late 2002, click the link.


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